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Post-Uploading Activity

When the ‘Shell Dataverse and dataset(s)’ were created for the Self-Deposit, the ADA Staff will have created them using a generic template based upon the initial information that you provided to them.

As a result, many of the dataset metadata fields will be blank, whilst others will require a review and potential update. You, the Data Owner know the data better than anyone else and one of the key advantages of the Self-Deposit process is the richness of the metadata that can be achieved. Leading to easier identification and location of the dataset, maximising its potential reach for secondary use.

Prior to completing the license document suite and notifying the ADA Staff that the deposit is ready for review, the Data Owner should review, update and populate all of the dataset metadata fields. The following guide can be used in addition to the information contained in this Wiki.

Dataverse North Metadata Best Practices Guide v 3.0: "https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5576412"

Accessing the metadata fields

The metadata fields can be accessed by:

1. Navigating to the appropriate dataset metadata, by selecting the "Metadata" Tab, followed by the "Add + Edit Metadata" button.

This will open up the dataset metadata fields ready for review and population.

Reviewing the mandated Citation Metadata fields

2. Review and amend (where appropriate) the mandated Citation Metadata fields.

The mandated Citation Metadata fields are:

a. Dataset Title

b. Author

c. Contact

d. Description

e. Subject

These will have been populated based upon the information provided to the ADA Staff at the time of the ‘Shell Dataset(s)’ creation. For guidance regarding what information is required in these fields please refer back to the section titled: Minimum Information required to create each different 'Shell Dataset(s)' in the Request new 'Shell Dataverse & Dataset(s)' section.

Populating the Non-mandated Metadata fields

3. Populate (where information is available) the Non-mandated Metadata fields.

For guidance on what information is required in each of these fields, refer to the Non-mandatory Metadata fields information page.

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