What Metadata fields have been selected for my Dataset?

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When the ‘Shell Dataverse & dataset(s)’ were created, the Citation Metadata option will automatically have been applied to your Dataverse and Dataset(s). This contains the mandated Citation Fields used to create a unique DOI for your deposit during publishing.

In addition, the Geospatial and Social Science & Humanities options will most probably have been selected by the ADA Staff as a default for the Dataverse DEPOSIT, thus the dataset will have inherited these fields also. These are the most common metadata fields used by ADA depositors.

The metadata fields for all of these options will be available to you for editing. If you find that the metadata types are not appropriate for your data, or you think that an additional category is required, you should contact the ADA Staff as soon as possible as they may be able to advise you regarding other suitable metadata types.