What is a Dataverse and Dataset?

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The dataset is effectively a container for all research data, code, supporting documentation and the metadata which describes the data. A Dataverse is a vessel for datasets and/or other Dataverses (known as a Sub-Dataverse).

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Although any number of Datasets can be created under a single Dataverse, only datasets that have common Dataverse general information (such as Dataverse name, Identifier, Contact Email details, Description etc...) will be created together under a single Organisational Dataverse or Sub-Dataverse. Where this general information is not common, each dataset requires its own individual Dataverse.

The ADA Dataverse DEPOSIT Configuration

Under an Organisational Dataverse, it is more common to have a number of Themed/Project Sub-Dataverse vessels, each with their own dataset(s), codes, data files, supporting documents and descriptive metadata. This is the standard configuration for the ADA Dataverse DEPOSIT site where an Organisational Dataverse is used.

Where an Organisational Dataverse is not used, a Themed/Project Sub-Dataverse is created for the specific deposit under the ADA DEPOSIT Dataverse.

If you are, or you intend to be a regular depositor with the ADA, you should consider requesting an Organisational Dataverse. This will act as a parent Dataverse for your various submissions and will allow other sub-Dataverses and datasets to be created in the same location in the future. This helps to ensure that your work remains in a common area, allows for easy identification of templates used on your other submissions and also provides some structure to the Dataverse configuration. This is particularly useful if your Research Project is ongoing and has a number of discreet or repeat studies such as polls.

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