Setting Access Restrictions

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Post-Uploading Activity

Setting Access Restrictions

Access Restrictions can be applied to each individual file, as determined by the agreements entered into with the ADA under the License Agreement Form.

Currently, Access Restrictions will be applied to these file(s) by the ADA Staff as part of their curation activities prior to publishing your Dataverse. The ADA Staff conduct this function as they need to manually archive the dataset contents, known as the Submission Information Pack (SIP) on the National Computer Infrastructure (NCI) before conducting their Quality Assurance checks and uploading the final dataset material to the Dataverse PRODUCE site. Thus any Access Restrictions that you apply at this stage will need to be re-entered by ADA Staff onto the Dataverse TEST and PRODUCE environments.

Future Activity

The ADA intend to introduce a means of automating some of their processing activity and it is expected that this will include the automatic copying of the dataset contents from the DEPOSIT Dataverse Site to the TEST and PRODUCE environments ahead of the final publishing of the dataset. Depending upon the outcomes of the automation, Data Owners may in the future need to set the dataset file restrictions. Instructions will be included here if this is required.

Data Owners should for now proceed to complete the License Document Suite.