Provenance and authenticity

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To ensure clear provenance and authenticity tracking of each deposit, the ADA is basing its workflow in the Open Archival Information System (or OAIS).

Depositors are required to sign an ADA Data License confirming they have the right to share the data. The original data and metadata a depositor submits is preserved unchanged as a Submission Information package (SIP). Any curation required is done on a copy of the data.

Curation and processing of the data are recorded in a processing report and also programmatically for quantitative data in SPSS or R syntax. These documents are stored under a unique ADA ID with the SIP as part of the Archival information package (AIP), see R10 Quality Assurance for details of the curation.

The Dissemination Information package (DIP) is generated from the AIP and is made accessible on a separate instance of dataverse, the Production Dataverse.

Changes or updates to the data files of an already published deposit are treated like a new deposit, i.e. a new SIP, AIP and DIP are created. Metadata changes by depositors are managed through the ADA ticketing system.

Once the data is published on the Production Dataverse, any changes to files and metadata are tracked in Dataverse’s versioning.