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Post-Uploading Activity

If you have selected any one of Recorded Open Access, ADA Managed Access, ADA Facilitated or Non-Standard Access options for your Dataset, there is automatically a requirement to use a License Access Guestbook as part of the users request for access process. The License Access Guestbook is designed to capture specific information about the user and their intended use of your data for both statistical and potential research collaboration purposes, as well as to assist with the decision to grant access.

License Access Guestbook Questions

The information requirements (questions) listed on the License Access Guestbook are set by the Data Owner according to their own information needs and access information requirements. For example, in extreme cases, certain sets of data may require a user to have completed a training course in the use of the dataset, therefore one of the Guestbook questions may ask the user if they have completed the appropriate training, and when they completed the training.

Types of License Access Guestbook

The ADA Standard Recorded Open Access Guestbook is the simplest question set, recording basic user details for statistical purposes only. The user does not need to hold an account with the ADA Dataverse to access the data but will be prompted to complete a basic question set prior to downloading any Recorded Open Access Dataset. The template question set for this guestbook is contained in the ADA License Access Guestbook Selection Information document.

Similarly there is a ADA Standard Managed and Facilitated Access Guestbook question set that is used with the appropriate datasets to capture the same basic user information, and also some basic information regarding the subsequent intended usage of the data. This information is mandatory, and access will not be granted without it being successfully submitted. To request access to these forms of data the user must also be registered as an ADA Dataverse account holder. Once the access request has been submitted through the completion of the guestbook, the ADA or Data Owner will then determine if access is to be granted based upon the responses to the question set. The template question set for this guestbook is also contained in the ADA License Access Guestbook Selection Information document.

Finally, for a guestbook that requires additional user and/or use information to that contained in the ADA Standard Managed and Facilitated Access Guestbook to support the access decision process, a Non-Standard Access Guestbook question set can be developed in consultation with the ADA. This question set should be recorded using the template headings contained in the ADA License Access Guestbook Selection Information document. Once the content has been approved by the ADA Director, the ADA Staff member supporting the self-deposit will create a new Non-Standard Access Guestbook for attachment to your dataset. All user’s will then be prompted to complete the Non-Standard Guestbook as part of the process for requesting access to that dataset. The responses will then be reviewed by the ADA (for ADA Managed Access) or the Data Owner (for ADA Facilitated Access) to enable a decision to be made.

Download the License Access Guestbook

The License Access Guestbook can be accessed at the following link:

The document will be made available online in due course, in the meantime depositors should Contact the ADA requesting a blank copy of the License Access Guestbook Selection Information document be sent to them.

ADA Staff can access the form at the following SharePoint link: