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Having reviewed the ADA Collection Policy and assessed yourself that the data and deposit material meet the ADA Collection Policy Categories and Criteria, you will now need to initiate contact with the ADA to request that they accept the material.

To allow the ADA to assess the suitability of your material, you will be required to provide some basic information about it. Remember that the ADA aims to make all data available for secondary use in order to inform policy development, evaluate programs, contribute to economic growth and support innovation. Where data is unlikely to be able to be shared, the ADA may reject the request on these grounds.

Request to Deposit data Guidance Notes

If you still think that your data and deposit meet the ADA Collection Policy Categories and Criteria:

1. Contact the ADA requesting to deposit your data. Along with your request, provide a brief description of your proposed deposit, using the following headings as a guide:
- Study Title
- Study Abstract
- Related Data (If the data being deposited are derived from, or closely related to other data, especially data already held by the ADA, please provide details).
- Methodology and Data Description (Provide brief details of the kind of data collected and how it was collected).
- ADA Collection Policy (Provide a brief summary of how the data and deposit align to the ADA Collection Policy requirements)

Upon receiving the deposit request, the ADA Staff will consider the information provided to them, and will determine if the material meets the ADA Collection Policy. If the ADA Staff require additional information in order to make a decision, they will contact you. Where the decision is not clear, the ADA Director may be required to determine the suitability.

Deposit Decision

2. The ADA Staff will confirm their decision by email. This will be sent via the OsTicketing management system, allowing all correspondence to be linked to the original deposit request email. 

If the data is to be deposited with the ADA you should proceed to the Deposit Preparation section of this wiki. If the data is not deemed to be suitable for the ADA Collection Policy the ADA Staff will, where possible, provide recommendations regarding other suitable archives for the data.

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