Notify the ADA that the Self-Deposit process has been completed

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Post-Uploading Activity

Once you have populated the 'Shell Dataverse & Dataset(s)' and uploaded your License Document suite you should complete the Self-Deposit process by submitting your deposit to the ADA for review. This can be done by pressing the 'Submit for Review' button at the top right hand corner of the Dataset.

Submit for Review Button.JPG

Dataverse will then automatically send a notification email to the ADA Staff who are listed as Administrators for that particular Dataset, confirming that your Self-Deposit actions have been completed and that the deposit has been submitted for review.

Submitted for Review confirmation.JPG

The ADA will then conduct a review of the Self-Deposit. Where errors or issues are found, a Processing Report will be created and saved to the Dataset. The Dataset will be returned to you along with the Processing Report which will outline the issues and any rectification action required or recommended.

If there are no additional activities required, the ADA will provide you with the DOI for the published version of the Dataset when the Dataverse has been published. You will then be able to use this DOI to identify your work.