Dataverse Deposit Terms and Conditions of Use

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Upon creating your Dataverse Deposit Account, you will be asked to read and accept the following Terms and Conditions of Use.

Dataverse DEPOSIT Registration - Terms and Conditions of Use

In order to complete my Dataverse DEPOSIT account registration and prior to using the ADA Self-Deposit Process,

I acknowledge that:

1. I am the owner of the copyright, or I have been duly authorised by the owner of the copyright, for the material being deposited with the Australian Data Archive (ADA).

2. The material being deposited meets the ADA Collection Policy requirements as detailed in the ADA Public wiki.

3. In order to appropriately catalogue the deposit with the ADA, I will populate each ‘Shell Dataset’ as completely as possible using the guidance provided in the ADA Public wiki site.

4. The metadata supporting the material being deposited WILL be harvested and WILL be appear on Research Data Australia (RDA) and Datacite.

5. I will not upload any material that may be considered unacceptable or inappropriate as identified under the Code of Conduct and Discipline Rule 2018 detailed in ANU Policy 001222 – Acceptable use of information technology. This includes images or other material of an explicit or violent nature, unless the content has been discussed with, and approved by the ADA Director, and is in direct support of legitimate research.

6. I will upload a completed and signed ADA License Agreement Form to the ‘Shell Dataset’.

7. All Data Subjects/Study Participants have given their consent freely and were provided with sufficient information regarding their participation, data storage and data release conditions.
If I become aware that this consent is withdrawn by any Data Subject/Study Participant, I will notify the ADA as soon as is practically possible.

8. The Dataverse DEPOSIT Site associated with these Terms and Conditions of Use is only a staging area for the data and any Digital Object Identifier’s (DOI’s) that are visible during the population of the dataset are temporary in nature.
I will not use DOIs from the DEPOSIT Dataverse in any way to identify the deposit in any publication or output.

9. The ADA and its host institution, The Australian National University (The ANU), shall not be held responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the material supplied. Whilst the ADA takes every care to preserve the physical integrity of all data, the ADA and The ANU shall incur no liability, either expressed or implicit, for the physical materials deposited or for the loss of data or information in the operation of the Archive.

10. The ADA and its host institution, The ANU, shall not be held liable for any breach of this undertaking.

11. The ADA retains the right to terminate my access and use of the system at any time.

For a more detailed description of the ADA Self-Deposit process, suggested data formats, file naming conventions and other information, please see the ADA Public wiki at: ADA Public wiki.