Data Protections

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Data Owners are encouraged to create de-identified versions of their data in order to maximise its potential exposure, whilst retaining its utility.

This may result in a number of versions of the same data being uploaded to a dataset. For example, the first version could be entirely free from Personal Information and key variables, allowing it to be released publicly as Open Data. Whereas, in order to reduce the likelihood of re-identification and disclosure, a second version of the data may contain some key variables that should only be made available to authorised users under tightly controlled access conditions (i.e. through a Dataverse License Guestbook Application).

In order to de-identify the data appropriately, Data Owners have available to them a number of Data Treatment Techniques. Some of the more common ones will be presented on the next page, allowing Data Owners to determine the most suitable techniques for their data.

Once the appropriate Data Protections have been added, the files and folders should be named in accordance with the ADA's recommended naming conventions. This will help ADA Staff to easily identify the material once it has been uploaded tot he 'Shell Dataverse & Dataset'.