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Collection of Supporting Documentation Guidance Notes

Data Owners manage their projects and data in a variety of ways, however at some stage prior to depositing data with the ADA, all of the supporting documentation files will need to be gathered together into a single area or folder in preparation for uploading to Dataverse. Where there are only a small number of supporting documentation files it is possible for the files to be uploaded individually to the dataset. If you don’t want to add multiple files by dragging and dropping directly into the dataset because there would be an excessive number of files to move, it is possible to upload the multiple files as a single downloadable folder. However, the ADA should be contacted prior to doing this as it will prevent File Tags and Description Notes from being added to the files making your data harder to discover.

1. Gather all of the supporting documentation files into a single area or folder ready for uploading to Dataverse. This is typically your Desktop, noting that you will have needed to move or copy the files to the Desktop in order to Double-Zip them.

Upon completion of this task, proceed to Register for an ADA Dataverse DEPOSIT Account.

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