Collect and Prepare Data File(s)

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Data Owners

In the course of normal research activity, it is often found that data files have already been collected and prepared by the Data Owner in a format that would be suitable for depositing with the ADA. However, there are some specific areas that will need to be completed to ensure that your data is suitable for upload to Dataverse and some actions that may make your data file even more suitable for publishing, reuse, storage and even forward migration as technology advances. The links below will provide you with the necessary guidance information to perform these functions.

ADA Staff ADA Staff are not necessarily required to conduct any activity whilst the Data Owner is collecting and preparing their data, however they are to support the Data Owner in the event that they have issues in conducting any of the activities detailed within this section.

Note: ADA Staff will be required to conduct checks on the submission at a later stage, therefore interaction and support at this stage should be minimised wherever possible unless it will make obvious savings downstream.