2. Deposit Preparation

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The information and links contained within this section will provide the Data Owner with the necessary information to prepare their deposit now that the ADA have confirmed that it will be accepted as part of their collection.

Deposit Preparation Guidance Notes

In order to prepare their data for depositing with the ADA, the Data Owner should:

1. Firstly collect and prepare the data files ensuring that the appropriate Data Protections have been taken.
2. They should then collect and prepare the required Supporting Documentation that will enable the data to be fully understood, and their analysis to be reproduced.
3. Finally, the Data Owner should register for an ADA Dataverse Deposit Account. Allowing them to access the 'Shell Dataverse & Dataset' once it has been created by ADA Staff.

Collect and Prepare Data File(s)

Information regarding the collection and preparation of Data Files can be accessed at:

Frequently Asked Questions