1. ADA Collection Policy Criteria Assessment

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The information and links provided on this page will assist the Data Owner in establishing if their data will meet the basic ADA Collection Policy criteria and will then provide guidance on the process to be followed to submit a request to deposit data with the ADA.

ADA Collection Policy Criteria Assessment Guidance Notes

1. Prior to submitting a request to deposit data with the ADA, Data Owners should review the ADA Collection Policy to satisfy themselves that their data meets the collection categories and criteria. Note that you will be asked to justify in your application how your data does this. 

Note: If you do not think that your data will meet the requirements, you can still contact the ADA and ask them to consider your data, or to seek their advice on locating a more suitable archive.

If the Data Owner is content that their data and deposit material meet the ADA Collection Policy Categories & Criteria then:

2. The Data Owner should now request to deposit their data with the ADA

ADA Collection Policy

To assess whether your deposit meets the ADA Collection Policy, the policy can be found at:

Request to Deposit Data with the ADA

For instructions about how to request to deposit your data with the ADA, refer to:

Frequently Asked Questions