Do I need a new 'Shell Dataverse and Dataset' or just a new 'Shell Dataset' for the Self-Deposit?

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If you have previously used the Self-Deposit process to deposit data with the ADA, it is likely that an Organisational or Sub-Dataverse has already been created for you. If in doubt, please contact the ADA and they will be able to confirm this.

A new ‘Shell Dataverse’ is required if there is not an existing Organisational Dataverse or Sub-Dataverse that the deposit dataset can be added to. However, if the new deposit differs from your previous Self-Deposits, and has different Dataverse general information requirements (such as Identifier, Email contact details, Description etc...), you will need to request a new Sub-Dataverse in order to ensure that the Dataverse accurately reflects the deposit contents.

If you want to keep projects separate and organise them into Themes or if your Dataverse Projects have different general information to describe them, but you want to keep them all within your Organisational Dataverse, you can request that the ADA Staff create a Sub-Dataverse for each relevant Theme or Project. These will then sit under your Organisational Dataverse.

Where an Organisational Dataverse or Themed/Project Sub-Dataverse already exists, and the Dataverse general information is common to multiple deposits (such as a longitudinal study), a request should be made for a new 'Shell Dataset(s)' to be created within the designated Organisational Dataverse or Themed/Project Sub-Dataverse.

If in doubt, ALWAYS request a new Dataverse & Dataset(s).